Monday, November 24, 2014

Rumors of Wars (2014)

With the continued rise of lawlessness coming from Washington DC, and the lack of desire coming from the opposition party, it reinforces the idea that all politicians are bought and paid for by the same backers. Regardless of party, their agenda of oppression and tyranny is the same, and we must wake up and spread the word about these lying bastards. That is the only way to stop this globalist agenda. One movie I recently watched discussed a similar them, 2014s, Rumors of Wars.

Plot/ A student keeps a journal while a one world government takes over the world. Years later, a soldier finds her journal and questions everything he believes.

While this movie was a touch more religious than I expected there were many points brought out that should open some eyes. I am not going to speak on the biblical aspects of the film, which will likely turn some viewers off. However, the detailed storyline that talks about NDAA, illegal NSA spying, and the rise of the military industrial complex as purveyors of the RFID chips and their role as managers of the FEMA Camps make this one of the more informative post apocalyptic films to come out in some time. Sure, the acting is uneven, the effects all over, and the scripting is geared toward a detailed Christian message of faith, but those aspects in no way detract from the powerful true message on governmental and globalist tyranny. In the end, many of the items outlined in this film could become a reality if the world does not wake up to the globalist tyranny being pushed upon the world by the elite. No matter what religion you believe in, the reality is the globalist technocrats and their Agenda 21 cronies are out to destroy the world, and this movie does provide a glimpse into that possible future. Give it a shot.

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