Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Stargate (1994)

Over the past few days, I have been part of some interesting conversations on Nibiru and hollow earth. While both subjects are fascinating, they are no more fascinating than our own ancient histories, where cultures such as the Egyptians and Mayans create intricate artifacts that have stood the test of time. How did they accomplish that? Who really knows, but Stargate (1994) does venture into one possibility.

Plot/ An interstellar teleportation device, found in Egypt, leads to a planet with humans resembling ancient Egyptians who worship the god Ra.

Stargate is such an amazing story and does provide a science fiction explanation to some of the real life mysteries that haunt our ancient past. While there is an interesting and layered plot, some solid performances and the cinematography and score blend together in a seamless fashion, it is the historic detains of the story that draw me in every time. As a researcher, the potential questions (and answers) it brings to life makes it a must see, Plus, the action and atmosphere are not bad either. Sure, if you are closed minded, it may not appeal to you as it does to me because you must suspend reality to accept the possibilities, but that is part of the realm of science fiction that makes the genre amazing. In the end, this movie may not be for everyone, but if you are open minded and love plot driven science fiction this one is for you. Give it a shot!

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