Monday, March 16, 2015

Fiend Without a Face (1958)

Last week was one miserable experience. Between car troubles, a trip to the hospital, and the development of some severe back pain, I was about ready to go insane. Luckily, my back seems to be clearing up and things are returning to normal and I can kick back and focus on the blog. Next up for review is the 1958 classic Fiend Without a Face.

Plot/ Invisible atomic monsters attack a U.S. Armed Forces base and the local residents.

Fiend Without a Face was exactly what the doctor ordered for the weekend, as I wanted to dive into some classic Sci-Fi with an edge. While it may seem a touch dated today, much of the movie stands the test of time considering the era. Honestly, when the invisible creatures came to life it was awesome, and the effects should be considered top tier for the age. The effects are solid, the performances were outstanding, and there were many things in this that made an entertaining watch. In the end, this was an outstanding flick and one that should be seen.

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