Sunday, March 22, 2015

Subconscious (2015)

As a former Navy Chief, I am drawn to Sci-Fi movies that involve the best service branch in the world. In fact, because I have moments where I miss the camaraderie and the duties, I often jump at a chance to pick these up when I see them. That was the case with my next review, 2015s Subconscious.  

Plot/ An investigation into a retired WWII sub plunges a research team into a supernatural journey across the dark abyss of time - with history hanging in the balance.

This was an uneven film to review, and it actually went in a different direction than I imagined when I picked it up at Family Video. Yes, it is not a traditional WWII based Sci-Fi flick, which could turn some people off, it does have an interesting storyline that was unexpected. As a low budget flick, it does have it share of flaws; but, as is the case those are somewhat expected. In this one, the storyline was a touch unbelievable, but it worked, the setting was amazing, and it did have an interesting twist at the end. Of course, there were some uneven performances, the lighting was all over the place, and there were a ton of preposterous ideas being thrown around, but again, as a low budget flick, those flaws are to be expected. In the end, this is not a perfect movie and will have to find its niche audience, but it does have some entertaining moments. If you love the stuff from the SyFy Channel, you will likely enjoy it; give it a shot.

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