Friday, March 20, 2015

Something Wicked (2014)

Every once in a while I wander through the video store hoping to find something that I had not heard of. That was the case with the next flick up for review here at The Ringmaster’s Realm. The one is the oft-delayed horror/thriller Something Wicked from 2009/2014.

Plot/ As a young couple embarks upon their wedding plans, gruesome secrets from their past collide with sinister forces of the present to ensure these newlyweds do not live happily-ever-after.

When I saw this at the video store and realized that it was Brittany Murphy’s last movie, I had to grab it. Unfortunately, it was unfitting swan song for her and her talents. While there are some interesting moments that make you thing, there is really nothing else to make it stand out. The characters are unlikeable, the performances uneven, and most importantly the storyline was extremely disjointed and seemed splintered into multiple sections. In the end, this one does have a few entertaining moments, but not enough to make it worth watching. If you have nothing else available, give it a shot, it not, stay away.

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