Monday, March 23, 2015

Devil May Call (2013)

While I continue to try to push through the next week and end March on a high note, it is becoming increasingly difficult. Today was the first 12U softball practice, and in 40-degree weather, it made my back tighten up again. At least now, I am snug in my recliner and catching up on the blog. Next up for review is the 2013 thriller, Devil May Call.

Plot/ A young, blind operator for a suicide hotline descends into a night of unrelenting terror when an obsessive caller turns out to be a serial killer.

This was a strange movie to watch and review. While there were some interesting moments, with some solid performances, a decent story, and a solid ending, there were many uneven moments that destroyed the momentum built early on. On top of that, pacing was off; there was little to no violence, and it definitely had some cliché moments. In the end, it did have some entertaining moments, but seemed a touch forced in the middle and that was problematic. If you are looking for something to help pass some time, it could help; it is an interesting story, but really nothing new.

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