Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Drownsman (2014)

Last night, I decided to take a small break from the blog as I was working on the second draft of my short film script for No Face, He Has No Face! While I was writing and editing, I did put on some horror to help keep my mind focused. The first movie up for review from the night was the 2014 slasher The Drownsman.

Plot/ After nearly drowning in a lake, Madison develops a hydrophobia that is emotionally crippling. When she begins seeing visions of an evil figure, four friends stage an intervention but accidentally open a gate to a dark place.

This was a difficult movie to review. While there are a lot of moments that feel familiar and cliché, it also sparks some originality and has a tension that pulls you in. The storyline is interesting; the performances are solid, and there are some gripping scenes with some intriguing cinematography and effects. Yes, there are some parts of the movie that are predictable, there are some plot holes, and there are a lot of unanswered questions throughout, but those do nothing to hamper the overall entertainment value of this one. In the end, this was one of the better supernatural/slasher flicks to come around in some time and adds just enough curious moments and mystery to make it worthwhile. If you are looking for something in this genre, give it a shot!

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