Monday, May 11, 2015

The Mothman Curse (2014)

I know, I know, I have again been neglecting my world here at The Ringmaster’s Realm. While I hate stepping away, there are often times where it is unavoidable. That has been the case in recent weeks, as seven straight nights of softball mixed with a major college project sucked the life out of me. Lucky for me, softball has slowed and my scriptwriting class is moving smoothly, so I am back at it. Next up for review is the 2014 micro-budget flick The Mothman Curse. 

Plot/ An Ancient Evil Unleashed. A supernatural thriller based on the terrifying legend of The Mothman. Rachel and Katy work together in a large, empty museum.

This micro-budget flick will definitely not be for everyone. In fact, it feels more like something straight from an art house cinema instead of a traditional no-budget horror flick. The storyline is decent, the soundscape is interesting, and the decision to use CCTV cameras as the primary platform works to create something dark, heavy, and unique that definitely builds some atmosphere and tension. Sure, the characters are far from perfect, the incoherent nature can be confusing, and the pacing is not for those looking for a quick scare. In the end, this one will definitely fit into the love or hate category. For me, it had just enough surrealism to make some of it unnerving and enjoyable. Yes, it is a slow burn, but if you enjoy outside the box art house cinema, give it a shot, you could do worse. 

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