Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Scribbler (2014)

The weather was incredible today, as the upper 80s with humidity was replaced by a cool 73 and comfortable breeze. I was actually able to get some fishing in. Now, I have time to relax and again do some work here on the blog! Next up for review is the 2014 Sci-Fi thriller The Scribbler.

Plot/ A young woman is facing her destructive multiple personalities using an experimental new procedure known as "The Siamese Burn."

It looks like I am continuing my streak of movies the will either fall in a love or hate category, and again, I absolutely love this one. The Scribbler is definitely a movie that sits outside the box, and is more of an experimental art house sci-fi psychological drama than thriller. Based on a graphic novel (one that I have not read), it does have some interesting moments, a solid atmosphere, outstanding pacing, and some decent performances. Unfortunately, there are some characterization issues, and some action/stunt problems that could have easily been improved with a larger budget. In the end, this one is definitely not for everyone, and as mentioned earlier will either be loved or hated. To me, it was an entertaining trip into some surrealistic world, and I loved it!

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