Monday, May 18, 2015

Psychotic (2013)

As I continued to work on the rewrite for my short film script, I decided to get my mind clearly inside the sanitarium. I found just the flick at Family Video, when I grabbed Psychotic from 2013.

Plot/ A psychologist is trapped inside a mental institution where all the patients have escaped and are on the rampage.

Psychotic was a much better film than I originally imagined when picking it up off the shelf. In fact, there was so much to like in this low budget flick; it is hard to believe that this was Johnny Johnson’s directorial debut. The atmosphere is heavy, the score drives the tension, the performances are decent, and the cinematography was varied enough to keep you interested. Yes, there are some dialog issues, and likely, because of the lower budgeting, there is not a lot of blood or gore, but those issues are to be expected in any film with these restraints. In the end, this entry released in the states by Midnight Releasing was an entertaining trip into insanity. Give it a shot!

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