Monday, December 7, 2015

Beyond Re-Animator (2003)

This was a long weekend full of college papers (two), softball practices (two), and the PIA Christmas party. Honestly, I was burnt out by the time the Steelers came on and was ready to go back to work. To help pass some time, I needed some mindless horror; and in my quest for that I found the 2003 Lovecraft inspired, Beyond Re-Animator.

Plot/ Everyone's favorite mad scientist Herbert West is currently in jail after having state's evidence turned against him by his former assistant, Dan Cain. While being led away, some re-agent falls from his pocket where a young man picks it up who was camping nearby. The young man finds Herbert down in his jail cell and learns for himself just what the re-agent is capable of.

When I saw this one, I could not resist and what I found was a combination of blood, gut, gore, and comedy that helped pass the frustrations of a busy weekend. I absolutely loved it, in fact, I was disappointed that I had not watched it earlier. As usual, Jeffrey Combs channels his at his best as the deranged mad scientist. While this movie is by no means perfect, it does feature some tremendous special effects and a tremendous amount of gore, enough to make any gorehound appreciate it. In the end, not for everyone, but if you love blood, guts and gore within a film that does not take itself seriously, you should definitely check this one out!

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