Saturday, December 26, 2015

Spirit Stalkers (2012)

With the Christmas holiday behind us, it was time to move forward and get back to the blog. Needing something horror related, I decided to find something with a low budget indie feel, that movie, and my next review, is the 2012 entry Spirit Stalkers.

Plot/ The Spirit Stalkers reality show, once a big hit, faces cancellation without a ratings boost, which leads the investigative team to Gloria Talman, whose house is rampant with unexplained ghostly activity.

I am all for low budget horror, and was hoping that this one would be as good as some of the tags I saw on Twitter. Unfortunately, there was nothing scary or riveting inside this one and it came off as a bad behind the scenes of a ghost hunting reality show with some blood scattered throughout. Sure, the performances were not bad, the cinematic qualities were better than a lot of low budget films, and the ideologies portrayed with the paranormal investigations seemed realistic. However, there was not much else there to keep your attention. The effects were lacking (although with a low budget that was expected), and it was extremely predictable. In the end, there is nothing memorable here and in the end it will just mesh with the other low budget paranormal movies that have become all the rage in recent years.

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