Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Exorcist: House of Evil (2016)

Sometimes I forget to check my enthusiasm at the door when selecting movies. As a huge fan of the Exorcist, I love reading and watching anything about the real case that inspired the classic. Unfortunately, this also opens the door to some material that I should have skipped. That was definitely the case with 2016s, Exorcist: House of Evil.

Plot/ Based on a true story, shot in the Real Exorcist House, a young woman returns to her old family home, the site of an infamous exorcism and discovers the devil never left.

When I saw this at Family Video, I was excited. Some of the elements mentioned on the packaging sounded awesome. Of course, I should have known better than to be wrapped up by the packaging. While this film had some potential, it in no way reaches that point and suffers from a myriad of issues with no atmosphere, a clich├ęd storyline with played out dialog, and not a single worthwhile scare. Even the performances were uneven and the characters flat. Fortunately, the first few minutes weren’t that back and it provided at least some hope (even if it faded quickly). In the end, there were really no qualities that made this film stand out in any way and it became extremely forgettable. Stay away; there are much better options.

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