Monday, August 8, 2016

The Adventures of Edgar the Eyeball - Diary Entry - Chapter 1

On my trip home from Orlando and my graduation, I discovered a strange stowaway tagging along as we hung out in the Mardi Gras Arcade in our short stop in Daytona Beach. While this strange one-eyed mutant is cute, he seems to be caught up in some ridiculous situations. Hell, I even had to save him from King Kong at South of the Border. Now, I am his protector, as we will work together to find his destiny. That is if he can stay out of trouble. 

It is strange though. As I tried to communicate with this critter I have named Edgar, he could never answer my questions. You know the ones, where are you from? How did you get here? Did you come in peace? However, Edgar did provide me with a crinkled sheet of paper from his diary. What is said was truly horrifying. 

Edgars’ Diary 

My life felt so empty. I could not face another day; my thoughts longed for another time, another place. I wanted to explore so much, and in turn feel a love banished centuries ago inside my unforgiving world. I could no longer hide my feelings; the pain was too much to take. So, I had to escape from my realm in search of freedom and happiness. 

That is how I arrived on your province, this hollow world called Earth. Unfortunately, I was trapped by the watchmen, the greedy malcontents that long ago infiltrated your world masquerading as humans. Yes, they do hide their reptilian blood well, but the eyes; those eyes will always give them away. 

I must survive this Hell, Deep inside; I know I am here for a reason, although the reason remains hidden. Strange, this destiny was prophesied by my birth by the sacred oracle within the volcanic shrine of Zarare. I thought it was a joke; I could not fathom such a destiny. Now, I am here, trapped inside this glass void waiting for a savior. Help me. 

Stay tuned for more adventures of Edgar the Eyeball as he tries to find his true destiny and save the world.

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