Thursday, March 23, 2017

Elder Island (2016)

Last night, I decided to spend some more time working on Surviving the Static, the accompanying blog to After the Static. That didn’t stop me from catching a movie as I worked. That film was the 2016 slasher, Elder Island.

Plot/ A group of men secretly buried a body on Graves Island, and the reign of America's first and only king ended; but for every end, there is always a new beginning, for evil was born that night. Five families have always controlled the Island. Five families share the Island's fortune; five families share its curse.

When I sat down last night to watch this one, I had actually forgotten the premise, which drew me in when I rented it. What I found was a decent slasher (that fit in perfect after the Scream Season 2 marathon). Somewhat based on an actual piece of history, this movie does a great job at weaving the slasher genre into the events. Along with that, the performances are decent, the idea compelling, and the overall feel is solid. Unfortunately, there are some pacing issues, the backstory almost drowns the main storyline at times, and the editing feels choppy and a touch incoherent at times. In the end, this was a decent slasher done on what had to be a smaller budget. It may not be the best one out there, but it was entertaining enough to keep my attention.

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