Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Lost Highway (1997)

Once I completed After the Static, I decided that I wanted to rework/edit Walking Before Dawn, and I finished last week. Today, I was excited when I saw the reworked cover design for that book and should see it released in the next few weeks. To go along with that excitement, I decided to watch one of my favorite Lynch films: 1997s Lost Highway.

Plot/ After a bizarre encounter at a party, a jazz saxophonist is framed for the murder of his wife and sent to prison, where he inexplicably morphs into a young mechanic and begins leading a new life.

Like many, I am excited to have Twin Peaks coming back to the television in May. David Lynch is my favorite filmmaker and I am fascinated by everything he does. To me, this is one of his best films and a great example of bringing dreams and nightmares to life within the cinematic world. This journey into surreal has an extremely layered storyline with multiple things happening throughout, the cinematography is amazing, the performances solid, there is a great soundtrack, and the overall atmosphere brings everything to life. This is truly a masterful piece of filmmaking. Yes, as with every film by Lynch, it is definitely not for everyone with a myriad of storylines, strange twists, and endings that often leave non-fans scratching their heads wondering what is taking place. In the end, this is a great film and one that should be seen. Yes, there may be some confusing moments, but it is well worth.

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