Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Solace (2015)

I was on a decent streak until last night when I was hit by some type of stomach bug that put me down. Luckily, I feel much better today and hope to continue to improve. Now with some energy (and finishing the season finale of Scream), I figure it is time to get back. The next movie for review is the 2015 thriller Solace.

Plot/ A psychic works with the FBI to hunt down a serial killer.

This movie was an entertaining mystery/thriller that kept me engaged throughout. While this is not as clear-cut as many may like, it does a great job of mixing action, suspense, and excellent cinematography to create something enjoyable. The performances are solid, the cast, scripting, and there is enough pacing and atmosphere to keep things moving. Yes, the are some editing choices that will not appeal to everyone and there are definitely some predictable moments, but those actually do not damage the film. In the end, this is a fascinating look at the serial killer genre and a movie that should be seen. Check it out.

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