Released Today - Walking Before Dawn

If you have been reading my blog, you would know that early in March I finished my first fiction novel, After the Static. While that is still at the editor and waiting on cover design, I have a ton of focus and energy. With that, I decided that I would edit/rewrite my first dark poetry book Walking Before Dawn.  Today, that work has paid off as the new (and much improved) book hit the shelves at Amazon.

Walking Before Dawn

In every small town across the world, stories exist of strange creatures surviving in the dark corners of the abyss waiting to be discovered. Are they real? For some people, these shadows take on many different faces within the dark corridor of their minds. Yet, within this darkness, there is a light that can be found, and possibly even a story that can ascend when viewed through a dramatic eye. While some of these visions are obscure and foreboding, these tales can also take on a life full of brightness and joy. In Walking Before Dawn, the passages of despair are opened to expose the soul of the abyss and see the beauty, pain, and desires that endure in the unseen world.

Here is a piece of writing that did not make it into the final edit. I hope you enjoy!

Take Me

The eyes peer inside my silence as I drift,
My mind trapped inside your poisoned void,
I am helpless, hypnotized within the tainted inferno,
Impaled by deceit, and cravings of flesh-
The illicit desires that line the canvas.

Have me; I am yours…

The needles guide me through the spiral cliffs,
My eyes blind to the beauty hidden inside your vines,
I am powerless, fascinated by inconceivable pleas,
Tortured by darkness, and the forbidden fruit-
The serpent draws near; trap me in your guise.

Take me; I am waiting…


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