Cannibal: the Musical (1993)

After a long week of work, I needed something to help take the edge off, while helping get my mind right for the Steelers vs. Jets AFC Championship Game. What a better was that taking a comical, yet bloody, view of famed cannibal Alfred Packer in 1993s Cannibal: the Musical.

Plot/ Alfred Packer was a mountain guide and sole survivor of a party of pioneers that got lost in the mountains in winter. Accused and convicted of murdering and eating his traveling companions, he was to be executed by hanging.

Loosely based on the true incidents that led to Alfred Packer being the first person ever convicted of cannibalism in the United States, this comical ride is very entertaining. While some of this demented horror/comedy is totally ridiculous, the laughs that come from this intentionally hilarious take on history cannot be explained unless it is experienced first hand. Yes, the sets are poor, the acting is choppy and the film has many flaws, but it is truly forgivable due to the sneaky dialogue, some nice gore and of course, the music, which are well written and performed exceptionally well. If you are a fan of perfectly crafted and obscure “B” Movies this one is for you. It may just motivate you to build a snowman.


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