Thursday, January 6, 2011

Finale (2009)

After watching a couple of interesting flicks to start the year, I felt it was time to venture back into the world of the occult for my next addition of The Ringmaster’s Realm (a day late after dealing with Blogger issues last night). This was especially apparent when the voices in my head made me do some work on my fictional zombie messiah (from my epic zombie apocalypse poem that I have been struggling with) to put on my writing page (As My Tears Run Red). With that in mind, I decided on 2009s Finale.

Plot/ A mother descends into madness after finding her son hanged. With her family convinced he committed suicide; she alone unravels the blood-soaked mystery. Is her daughter's high school a recruiting ground for occult rituals and grisly murders? Torn apart by denial and paranoia threatening her own sanity and her daughter's life, the mother's only escape is the very route attempted by her dead son - confront the demon lurking in mirrors.

This is nowhere near a blockbuster, but there is something here for fans to hang their hat on. Yes, the acting is choppy, there are some cliché moments and the cinematography has some flaws, but overall, it is not a terrible or bad film. The plot sports some interesting twists and the scenery is a bit unsettling, with the directors vision featuring some very stylized elements to achieve his effects. While not for everyone, this indie flick is an entertaining film that horror and occult fans may enjoy.

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