Don't Look Now (1973)

The winter weather is really starting to get old, nothing like a freezing rain before a snowstorm to start the evening. With there being a chill in the air, I decided on the chilling 1973 supernatural thriller Don’t Look Now for my evening entertainment.

Plot/ An American architect living in Venice, Italy with his wife on a getaway after the death of their young daughter, begins to question his sanity when he begins having a series of disturbing and fragmented premonitions which coincides with a series of murders in the city.

This is a great movie, one that definitely does a great job at creating atmosphere and having it crawl under your skin. There is a haunting subtlety that works well within the disturbing character driven plot. Yes, the pacing seems a bit slow and it does not answer all of the questions that pop into your mind, but it all comes together with the Venetian backdrop. Being from the 1970s, the film also contains one of the original (and in many ways beautiful) love scenes ever filmed in a horror / thriller. Movies like this are few and far between (especially today), check it out if you have not seen it, you will not be disappointed.


  1. I, too, have had enough of the cold weather....
    And I remember this flick. It gives you an unusual feeling.

  2. thumbs up for this masterpiece!
    one of my favorites of all time!
    nice blog by the way...

  3. This film is creepy in a way that few others are. A masterpiece of tension!


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