Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Voodoo Black Exorcist (1974)

I have found another snoozer while watching the Drive-In Classics: 50 Movie Pack. The dull entry is the Euro-horror / Blacksploitation / Exploitation flick Voodoo Black Exorcist from 1974.

Plot/ The mummy of long dormant, but powerful Caribbean voodoo priest Gatanebo gets revived on a luxury South Seas ocean liner as a big buff bald guy and proceeds to terrorize the passengers. Gatanebo beheads several folks, occasionally reverts back to his prune-faced mummified state, and falls for the ravishing Sylvia, who reminds him of his old flame Kenya.

After two pretty good movies, I was destined for a snoozer and this dull Euro-horror / Blacksploitation / Exploitation flick definitely fell into that category. The movie is slow, the acting so-so, the editing terrible and the effects are horrid (Paper Mache heads anyone?). Truly the movie is THAT BAD! Its only redeeming quality is the abundance of flame- swallowing exotic dancers and a nice array of topless Voodoo Rituals. Watch at your own risk, I cannot recommend it to anyone.

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  1. Agreed. This one totally put me to sleep...but I still managed to write a review about it, somehow. What drove me craziest about it was the overuse of red-filtered flashbacks. They weren't even flashbacks that showed us anything new, but were flashbacks to scenes that we had already suffered through once! Ugh. What a stinker.