Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mortal Kombat (1995)

I was really in the mood to watch something different and mindless last night after working on my jar of flesh. My choice, the 1995 video game inspired Mortal Kombat.

Plot/ Based on the popular video game, this tells the story of an ancient tournament where the best of the best of different Realms fight each other. The goal - ten wins to be able to legally invade the losing Realm. Outworld has so far collected nine wins against Earthrealm, so it's up to Lord Rayden and his fighters to stop them from reaching the final victory.

Many times, films that are based on video games are bad, and can never come close to the inspiration. This flick, while not near as cool as the video game, somewhat succeeds at the transition. A solid cast, decent performances, an interesting story and excellent pacing allows for an entertaining romp into the games reality. No, I am not saying it is perfect, but for the genre, it is pretty good. There are some flaws with the characterization (as game fans would realize), but for the most part, the players come to life as they should. In the end, this fast-paced action filled journey into the Outworld is definitely one of the best video game influenced films and one that has enough moments to watch.

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