City of Lust (2014)

I always enjoy spending time with micro-budget independent cinema. To me, there is nothing better than watching some of these titles as they are often journeys into strange worlds that at times make little sense. Of course, they also tend to take on more than their budgets will allow, and lead to some strange inconsistencies. The next movie does come from that cloth, the 2014 entry from Brain Damage Films, City of Lust (AKA Yellow).

Plot/ A modern Giallo horror film, This tells the story of a lonely young woman who begins an unlikely relationship with dire consequences.

As a fan of the classic giallo film of the 1970s, I was a bit torn when I saw this one of the shelves. On one hand, a modern giallo is much needed, as the classic Argento tales need a new vision. However, being a low budget flick, I knew it might be hard to capture that feel. Sure, there are many of the elements one would expect in this one, complete with the non-linear but interesting storyline, the contrast of color, strange angles of cinematography, and an intriguing vision. Yet, while interesting the uneven performances, the clear lack of a budget, and some scripting holes keep it from becoming all that it could be. In the end, I did find this an entertaining trip into a weird world.  Yes, it is nothing close to a classic giallo, but it is a flawed but interesting ride. While it is definitely not for everyone, it should be given a shot!


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