Friday, January 29, 2016

Sinister 2 (2015)

After some sci-fi last night, I decided to venture out to Family Video to see what came out this week. Fortunately, there were a few newer movies that I had not seen. One of the first flicks that I picked up was the 2015 sequel, Sinister 2.

Plot/ Following the events from the first film, a different family; a mother and her 2 sons move into a rural house that is marked for death. When the deputy from the first film learns that this family is next in line to fall to the demon Bhughul, he races before time to stop it and save them from the same fate.

Sequels are always hot or cold, and sometimes face the impossible task of building into a developed storyline. While this one is not the worst sequel, it is also not the best one to come out. Sinister 2 has an interesting storyline, and develops as a solid continuation from the source material. In fact, the potential is there to take this one beyond the original, but somewhere it loses focus, and never reaches that point. The scripting is decent, the visuals dark (especially the 8 mm scenes), and there is some uniqueness to the idea. Unfortunately, the atmosphere is inconsistent, the performances uneven, and there are too many attempts at jump scares that miss the mark or are at predictable spots in the story. In the end, this one may not match the overall quality of the original, but it is not a terrible movie and has some entertaining moments. Personally, I did not think Sinister needed a sequel, and that could be one of the reasons this movie did not fully resonate with me, but that is me. If you loved the first one, give this one a shot, you may feel the same as I do, or you may just love it!

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