Thursday, February 2, 2017

Flight 313: The Conspiracy (2015)

As I continue into February, I decided that I wanted to watch something a lot different from my usual, so I grabbed a straight drama based on a true story. What was that film? It was 2015s Flight 313: The Conspiracy (AKA A Dark Reflection).

Plot/ A journalist digs deep into the world of aviation and discovers some uncomfortable truths. And a conspiracy trail dating back to 1954. But why is no one saying anything?

On the opposite end of the spectrum from SIN, this movie is more of a public service announcement about a real problem and is based on a true story. While not a micro-budgeted film, unions, passenger groups, funded this one and concerned aviation figures in the United Kingdom and featured many volunteers concerned with the issue of Aerotoxic Syndrome. Because of this, the movie is not perfect and does have some minor flaws with pacing, cinematography, and editing, but those were somewhat expected. The performances are solid, the storyline is informative and interesting, and everything works well together. In the end, this one won’t entertain everyone, but is an intriguing film to watch because of the message alone (especially if you fly a lot). If you like drama’s based on true stories, give it a shot.

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