Tuesday, February 7, 2017

APT 3D (2014)

I have taken a couple days away from the blog as I have been dealing with the passing of my Grandmother. While I realize that she lived a long and prosperous life, it is still difficult at times to come to terms with the loss. With her burial tomorrow, I decided to get back at it, do some writing on my book project, and write up one of the movies I watched this weekend. The next movie up for review is the 2014 low budget Sci-Fi flick APT 3D.

Plot/ Strange events affect a couple that has recently moved into their New York City apartment.

This is a movie that I debated on for some time when seeing the box at Family Video. While it is far from perfect, I found the idea somewhat interesting and at very least different than the typical apartment themed films. Yes, this is in no way a true paranormal driven movie, it does attempt to bring those elements out, although they feel lost once the reveal is made about what is transpiring. More of a straight Sci-Fi movie than anything, this one has a storyline that matches the uneven performances from the minimalist cast. It is definitely a story that you have to pay attention to, as the entire package is somewhat confusing (although it does touch on some important aspects of society). The pacing is rough and with a run-time of roughly 79 minutes, it never allows the atmosphere to truly breathe. Sure, there were some moments with some quality production values and for a lower budgeted film, the effects were good enough, but that does nothing to make this film movie above the average category. In the end, I have definitely seen worse low budget films and this one at least kept my attention. Is it perfect or overly memorable? No, but neither is a majority of the movies released on a larger budget.

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