Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Possession Experiment (2016)

As I said in one of my last entries, I have been focused on finishing After the Static over the past few days and haven’t had the time to switch gears into review mode. While that has been the case most of this week, I did have a chance to watch a few different movies to help keep the motivation up. Next up for review is the 2016 entry The Possession Experiment.

Plot/ When a student takes on a theology project, he taps into another side that had been hidden away from him.

This was an extremely frustrating film to both watch and review because of the amount of unevenness that’s on hand. The opening sequence was amazing and really sucked me in. Unfortunately, it was all downhill from there with uneven production values, flat and underdeveloped characters, too many clich├ęs and flashbacks, and rough performances throughout the movie. The opening scene with the exorcism was amazing and had the film maintained that quality and depth it had the potential to be something much better than it is. Yes, I do understand that it had a lower budget, but even with that, the movie could have been much better. In the end, there are much better films out there for you to watch and I would recommend you finding one of those instead of venturing into this one.

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