Sunday, February 26, 2017

Jack Goes Home (2016)

As I progress through my writing and can finally see the end of the tunnel, it has been nice to kick back and relax for a few moments this weekend. The next movie that has helped me pass some of this time is the 2016 horror/thriller Jack Goes Home.

Plot/ After his father is killed in a car crash, Jack travels home to Colorado to help nurse his mother (who was injured in the crash) back to health. There, he uncovers long buried secrets and lies within his family history, his parents, his friends and his very identity.

While there was nothing really new in this one as it is an interesting take on the mental anguish one can go through during a traumatic event, it does have a dark atmosphere that makes it somewhat more enjoyable than the typical entries in this genre. The performances are solid, the cinematography works, and some of the moments are both creepy and surprising considering the time of the film. Unfortunately, there are also many disjointed moments within the spiral of madness that make the movie difficult to enjoy at times and also predictable. Yes, I like non-linear and surreal movies, but these issues led us on a journey through cliché instead of mystery. In the end, there is really nothing new in this one, and the movie suffers from that. However, it is an entertaining watch and a movie that I thoroughly enjoyed. If you are looking for something on a chilly night, this one could help you pass the time.

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