Monday, April 5, 2010

Terrified! (1963)

Another night, another time that I can not see myelf diving back into the Undead Collection. With success on my first venture into the Gorehouse Great Collection being a successful one in Blood Mania, I figured I would roll the dice one more time and watch Terrified. I remember watching this for the first time back growing up on Chilly Billy's Chiller Theatre, it was one of those movies that just drew me in and made me want to watch it all over again (I beleive I actually recorded it one night, but who knows now). Seeing it on the Gorehouse Greats set made it an easy selection, although I hadn't seen it in 10-to-15 years.

Plot/ A well dressed but stealthy psychopath is terrorizing kids in a ghost town (starting awesomely with an opening sequence where a guy is being buried in wet cement). Marge and two men, David and Ken are determined to find out what happened. When Ken is left alone in town, the villain targets him in throughout the film.

Directed by silent movie legend Lew Landers (actually his last film), the movie is definitely more about atmosphere than horror. Yes, the script isn't great and the budget cannot be much better, but Landers does an amazing job transforming the settings into desolate and eerie surroundings perfect for a killer to work his magic. While the acting isn't the greatest, the film as a whole works tremendously and really stands tall within the "B" Movie genre. To me, this is a great film and a "Must See" for fans of that era or the movies of William Castle.  

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  1. I'm a Castle fan, love atmosphere and the "classic" feeling horror, so I'm definitely going to see this one. Thanks for telling me about it!