Saturday, April 17, 2010

Offspring (2009)

After spending the past few weeks in either killer doll or vampires, I decided that it was time for something different. So when I was searching FearNet and found Offspring, about flesh eating feral children, I was all in. Could there be a better change of pace?

Plot/ Offspring based on the book by Jack Ketchum tells the story of a young group of Feral Children who somehow manage to hide in caves and avoid detection while making dinner of locals in various towns as they move from town to town on the coast. After a run in with the flesh-eaters, two women strive to survive their abduction by the cannibals and save their children.

There is a lot to like about this movie. Yes, the storyline isn't the greatest, but there is something there that really made it interesting. To be honest, I have never read a Jack Ketchum novel, and after seeing this, I may want to. The acting, direction and cinematography were excellant, with a definite feel throughout, especially with the amount of violence depicted. The killers, the flesh-eating "offspring" are tremendous, and really come across well with the amount of pain, terror and carnage they inflict throughout the film. In many ways, I wish some of the other movies with similar storylines.

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  1. Nice find! I just finished seeing the Spanish movie "Shiver" about a feral child and it was fantastic. I was wondering if more movies were out there like. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I considered checking this one out the other night, and chose another flick instead. Now I'll give this one a try. Thanks!