Saturday, April 10, 2010

April Fool's Day (2008)

After some debate, I decided to venture down the 2008 path once again. This time I chose April Fool's Day (2008), mostly because it seemed like a safe choice with my kids running around the house and a lower rating. While I am all for allowing my daughters to watch horror movies with me, and actually take pride in the fact that they can all name the killers from the classic slashers at ages 5 and 7, they are starting to become more aware of some of the aspects of films that may be a bit too much.

Plot/ In the d├ębutant ball of the socialite Torrance Caldwell on April, 1st 2007, the millionaire Desiree Cartier dilutes a powerful drug in the champagne of her acquaintance, Milan Hastings, and her brother, Blaine Cartier, takes advantage of Milan. Desiree tapes the situation with a camcorder while her friends Torrance, Barbie and Peter Welling, Charles Lansford and Ryan snoop. However, Milan has a seizure and falls off the balcony immediately dying. The group goes to court, Blaine looses the control of the family's fortune which shifts to Desiree, but they are considered innocents and the death of Milan is considered a fatal prank. One year later, each one of them receive a letter mustering them up to Milan's grave. While gathered in the cemetery, they receive a package telling that each one of them will die until the person responsible for the death of Milan owns up. The new "April Fool's Day" revolves around a party given by two rich siblings for their friend. Tragedy strikes when a friend falls over a balcony and dies. One year later, the teens responsible for the accident become the targets of a twisted killer who begins hunting them down one by one.

This movie was definitely more of I Know What You Did Last Summer than April Fool's Day, a relief because I actually liked the original version. While not great, it definitey hit the arena they were searching for with the TV-14 rating. With that rating in mind, the death scenes are pretty tame, focussing more on the metal approach than actual gore. They were actually rather funny at times. The movie was definitely low key and children friendly, as it lacked gore, suspense, nudity and scares, making it a great afternoon flick for me to enjoy with my three daughters. The acting, directing and cinematography are choppy throughout and the storyline is rather predictable. All-in-all it could have been much better. In the end, if you are looking for something to watch with your kids as you draw them into the realm of horror movies, this is a geat choice. However, if you are searching for a serious remake of April Fool's Day or are craving a serious horror film, STAY AWAY!

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  1. I was out 100% on this one, not because I hate remakes, but because I hate IKWYDLS, pissed me off. Couldnt stand the SORORITY ROW remake either for the same reason