Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Horrible Sexy Vampire (1970)


As the evening wears on, I decided to venture back into Undead: The Vampire Collection in hopes of finally finishing it this weekend. I should be able to as I am down to only two movies to go. Tonight, the first movie I chose was The Horrible Sexy Vampire, the 1970 European Horror entry into this set. While it isn't the perfect vampire film, it definitely looks interesting (at least more interesting that much of the box set).

Plot/ A.K.A. The Vampire of the Highway. In this film, some kind of sadist, but not human, is murdering people. A doctor is convinced that the killings are the evil workings of a reclusive odd baron who died many years ago. This nudie vampire film set in a Black Forest castle tells the story of the last of the Von Winninger family. Count Oblensky and his lover come to take possession of their inheritance, which requires them to spend the night in the cursed castle which has been the focus of evil goings-on for centuries. The invisible vampire attacks each time the women in the film get nude.

This movie was definitely what I expected from an Euro-horror flick from the early 1970s; beautiful women who exist only to strip, shower and get killed. The plot was boring but a bit different as was the main character, a vampire that prefers strangling vice drinking their blood. Besides the women, the movie has little to offer with bad acting, bad effects, and little to no blood. However, if you are a fan of the 1970s and Eurotrash Horror, this film is for you!


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