Saturday, November 5, 2011

After... (2006)

Sitting here watching my favorite team struggle today (let’s go Mountaineers), I decided to help keep my heart rate down by blogging about the flick I watched last night. This was the 2006 psychological thriller called After...

Plot/  Urban Exploration, the practice of investigating areas not designed for public use. But strange things can happen in the dark, closed-off areas of history beneath the streets of Moscow, and what started as a way for Nate to escape his grief quickly turns into a journey that forces him to confront it head-on, with nothing less than his eternal destiny hanging in the balance.

This movie was quite an interesting entry, full of enough surreal atmospheres (actually pretty claustrophobic) and detailed storyline to keep me entertained (and interested) throughout.  For me, there were so many intricacies that subtly hinted to the full story, but did not blatantly give it away until the right time.  In all, the movie featured some really good and believable acting, sound editing and cinematography, and a perfect soundtrack to keep the pace and tone alive through the entire film (by The Crystal Method). Sure, there were some confusing moments inside the rather common storyline, little to no blood or gore and the characterization suffered due to the layered amount of flashbacks that sat at the heart of the plot.  In the end, this psychological thriller was an extremely entertaining flick that made me think and pay attention to all of the small details. While it is not really a horror movie, there is enough tension inside to make it truly worth watching.

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