Saturday, November 26, 2011

Vintage Marvel Trading Cards and More

Now that things have calmed down some and we have got a lot more stuff into our small Scarlet Circus Side Show booth in one of the local antique stores, I have had a chance to start looking into get my stuff back up and running. Couple that with the excitement from tonight's Backyard Brawl (Let's Go Mountaineers) and I have some time on my hands with everyone asleep. Since, I have finally been able to complete some unpacking in the new man cave and have broke out some stuff that I have decided to part with, it was time to fire up the Ebay account and list some items including some vintage Marvel Comic trading cards from 1966 and some vintage Halloween and Christmas Decorations. If you are in the mood check out our auctions at the Blue Yonder Vintage Ebay Account.

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