Thursday, November 3, 2011

Manson - Demongod (2001)

One of the movies that I watched prior to Monday’s ceremony was the second film I picked up from the Amplo Films table at the Undead Festival. This one was quite a different endeavor than the first flick I watched from them The Hollows as this was a true low-budget documentary. Entitled Manson – Demongod, this was a compilation of many of the famed Manson interviews, a ton of investigation pieces and numerous crime scene photos I have honestly never seen before. Best of all, this material was put together on top of a soundtrack of material written and performed by Charles Manson himself (of course with some help from his family in parts).

Yes, some of the editing and the sound quality was far from perfect, and  yes, there were the normal issues that plague these no-budget independent flicks,  but this was definitely one of the most entertaining and comprehensive documentaries on this tragic event that are out there. In many ways, you see the devastation, and you see exactly how far reaching these events touched (would Roman Polanski still be in exile?) and how in many ways they are still influencing people today. 

As a conspiracy theory junkie, and a person that has always been interested in the darker side of society, I do enjoy watching my fair share of documentaries on most any of the macabre subjects and this was one that was well worth the $5.00 I spent on it. While, I am sure that it is not for everyone (as this is one of the most vicious crimes in modern United States history), it is assuredly one of the most detailed documentaries on Manson and his family out there and one that is worth watching if you get the chance (and are interested).

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