Saturday, November 12, 2011

Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004)

As I prepare for a day at volleyball tryouts with the girls, I decided to finish my review of the second installment of the Resident Evil series. This flick, Resident Evil: Apocalypse from 2004 was more than just an ample follow-up, it may be the high point of the series. On a last note, there is still time to get involved in tomorrow's short film filming at the Evans City Cemetery (Evans Ciy,  PA) benefitting the save the NOTLD chapel.

Plot/ Alice comes to in Raccoon City, only to find it has become infested with zombies and monsters. With the help of Jill Valentine and Carlos Olivera, Alice must find a way out of the city before it is destroyed by a nuclear missile.

Of all of the Resident Evil movies, I honestly think this is my favorite and I also believe that it is a touch better than the first installment. This one featured a better atmosphere; one that was eerie and heavy, and a sense of immanent dread that the first seemed to lack.  The pacing was tremendous, the locations and scenery were solid, and the male-up (Nemesis was awesome) and effects had their moments (as did the acting). Sure, there was nothing really new or groundbreaking with this one, but it was more than just another sequel and again Milla was perfect as Alice. Yes, this again was more action / adventure than horror, but it is definitely worth watching if you get the chance and haven’t seen it.

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