Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Bleeding House (2011)

After a week of settling back into the house, I was finally able to kick back and watch some Netflix. After some internal debate, I decided on the Independent horror / thriller The Bleeding House from 2011.

Plot/ A stranger with mysterious intentions comes to stay the night at a secluded country home, but what he finds inside is a family torn apart by a violent past and a secret more deadly than he expected.

This low-budget independent flick was far from terrible, featuring a decent storyline, pretty good dialogue and just enough claustrophobic atmospheres to keep me focused in (not to mention the draining of blood which is always awesome). Sure, there were flaws. Some of the performances were uneven, some of the characterization and storyline development seemed a bit odd and some of the pacing crept along. Unfortunately, the potential was there, but the cinematography just did not develop that potential for all that it was worth. In the end, although I was entertained, I was glad that I caught this on Netflix and did not run out and rent or buy it. If you are looking for an indie horror on Netflix, you could do worse…

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