Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Dead (2010)

I love zombie flicks. I have ever since watching Night of the Living Dead on Chiller Theatre so many years ago for the first time (don't forget to check out the Save the Chapel movement to save a piece of horror history). I will admit though, lately, some of the zombie entries have been a bit blah, doing way too much to change the classic zombie mythos. In fact, many seem to spin the same effects in an effort to take advantage of the swell in zombie popularity. A search for new and interesting zombie movies is full of uninventive and listless forays into retreaded realms. I hope that the zombie flick I chose for the evening does not fall into that category, that film is The Dead from 2010.

Plot/ In the very near future, most of the world has succumbed to the virus of the living dead. After crashing off the coast of Africa, Lt. Brian Murphy battles for survival across the terrible terrain of Africa in search of a way to get back to his beloved family in the USA. Saved by local military man Daniel Dembele, who is also searching for his son, both men join forces, all the while battling against the ever-present threat of the living dead

I love zombie movies; especially ones with the original George Romero inspired creeping undead. Fortunately, this movie was full of them. In fact, they may have taken them to a new level of creepiness within the beautiful scenery.  Sure, the story is a bit thin, the plot lacks life and the acting is so-so, but really, who cares. This flick is all about zombies, their attacks and their demise, which is truly the high point featuring strong make-up and CGI and some awesome gore effects (the headshots are some of the best I have seen). In the end, this is far from perfect. However, this is an underrated and original zombie flick that is full of social commentary and is actually a bit unsettling. If you get a chance, check it out!

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