Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Soul Assassin (2001)

After a night of bingo with my daughter, I decided to chill and watch something a little different. I decided on some action, mystery and possibly intrigue with Soul Assassin from 2001.

Plot/ The future seems bright for Kevin Burke, a security expert for the large multi-national company Jorgensen Financial. He's just been promoted and is about to propose marriage to his girlfriend Rosalind. But that all changes when Rosalind is murdered before his eyes by a professional hitman. While tracking down her killers, Kevin finds himself chased by mob hit-woman Tessa, his co-workers Junior and Mr Ficks and the police. Burke's mentor and employer Karl Jorgensen, enigmatic though supportive, seems to hold the key to the mystery

I am open to a lot when it comes to the movies I watch, and honestly, I am used to almost anything. Nothing really surprises me, but this film did. It surprised me not with content, sharp acting or effects; it surprised me with the blue-tinted world. I will admit, at first, I rather enjoyed it, but after a while, it grew old (very old). Couple that with a hole riddled storyline (the idea was solid), some uneven acting and a lack of intrigue, and you have a mess. It is unfortunate as the flick started really well. In the end, I would not recommend this one. Luckily, I watched it for free…

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