Friday, December 9, 2011

Dear Mr. Gacy (2010)

After a few days away from my blog, suffering with the anxiety of another Steelers game (man, I hate when they play down to their competition), I decided to get back at it and try to close out the year on a strong note. My selection for the evening is a bit different from usual, the 2010 based on a true story docudrama, Dear Mr. Gacy.

Plot/ This is a chronicle of the interaction between college student Jason Moss and the object of his obsession, notorious serial killer John Wayne Gacy.

As I have stated on this blog over the last two years, I like to read about and research elements of true crime. Serial killers such as Jack the Ripper fascinate me, as their legends have taken on lives of their own. This docudrama started rather bland, but soon too on a life of its own.  Based on a true story, the direction and script created a provocative and uncomfortable portrait of the psychopath. The characterization was just right, the acting solid and the cinematography truly backed the dark atmosphere of the flick. In the end, this is one of the better docudrama’s on serial killers I have seen and is definitely worth watching.

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