Sunday, June 8, 2014

Scarecrow (2013)

Every once in a while I enjoying picking up a SyFy Channel original from Family Video to have something the daughters can watch. This was one of those weekends. After some debate, I decided to grab the 2013 flick Scarecrow.

Plot/ When the kids play a terrifying game of cat and mouse in the cornfield with what they believe is a wild animal, Kristen tries to convince them that the Scarecrow is a very real creature of fierce strength and power, rejuvenated by the blood of its prey-and proof comes all.

If you are a fan of schlock, you should definitely be a fan of SyFy originals. While this one is actually one of the better entries, it still comes with many of the flaws that plague these entries. The overall storyline is interesting, the acting is better than usual, and the CGI creature is not as bad as I expected it to be. Unfortunately, it has uneven pacing, there are really no scares, and it quickly loses steam and never truly recovers. In the end, this may be one of the better SyFy originals and has some entertaining moments, but it is not worth searching for. If you catch it on the SyFy Channel, give it a shot, but at Family Video, I would pass.

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