Saturday, June 28, 2014

Report 51 (2013)

With my quarter finally over and my vacation started, it is finally nice to be able to sit down and catch up on the last few movies that I watched last week. Next up on the chopping block is the 2013 found-footage flick Report 51.

Plot/ After a strange sighting, four friends decide to move in the near woodlands to investigate. Soon their weekend becomes a nightmare and a race for survival.

If you have read my blog previously, than you would know that I am a huge fan and supporter of no-budget cinema. I can usually look past the typical flaws and find some part of the movie that actually excites me a little. Unfortunately, this no-budget flick comes nowhere close to providing any type of entertainment. A found-footage entry, this one is riddled with flaws, featuring uneven scripting, bad acting, poor characterization, poor cinematography, and excessively much screaming. Honestly, between the semi incoherent scripting and poor lighting, all I remember is the screaming. In the end, there is really nothing here to interest anyone. Stay away!

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