Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Devil's Dolls (2016)

As I have said many times, you never really know what you are going to find when you go to Family Video (and I go a lot). On my last trip, I found something that looked like an interesting combination of genres within what could be an interesting movie. That movie was the 2016 IFC flick, The Devil’s Dolls.

Plot/ In the aftermath of the hunt for a serial killer, an ancient curse consumes a city, causing a series of brutal murders and pitting a detective against the clock to save his daughter's life.

I found this one at Family Video and was interested in the subject. Between a serial killer and a “possessed” set of worry dolls, this one appeared to have an interesting mixture of murder and supernatural elements. While this one is not perfect, it does have some parts that were decent especially considering the budgetary restraints. The performances were solid, the cast works, the scripting is decent, and there is enough blood and violence to go around. Unfortunately, there are something missing and the movie never truly reaches its potential and or leaves a lasting impression. In the end, I did enjoy it, but I have also seen better films in the past few weeks. If you are searching for something to watch on a cold night, give it a shot. You could definitely do much worse.

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