Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Garden - Short Story

I see you from a distance and I cannot touch. Oh, how I want to; I crave the life force and nectar you harbor. Your pale skin; your sparkling eyes, my pulse quickens as I stare through the shrouded veil, I can almost taste you. You are close, as I can feel your warmth. Yet, as I reach for you, the emptiness consumes me. You have vanished and my longing continues.

Everyday, it is the same ritual. I sneak upon the luscious garden toward your window. Your stunning beauty transcending the loneliness I feel inside this desolate heart. My hideous appearance drowning any chance I have at capturing a soul as pure as you. Still, I stare into your room, wondering what you are, your thoughts, feelings, and desires fill my void with meaning; fantasizing about a life inside your arms. Again, you vanish. Where have you gone?

Saddened, I return to my lair and stare into my mirror; thoughts, feelings, desires, all betray my eyes. You reach for me, and I return your touch, navigating my way through your warmth. My thoughts mirror yours. Our hearts; souls are the same, our lives entwined. Your commands are my actions and your desires, my eternal light. My destiny lies in your arms.

“No, this cannot be! I am not worthy of your untainted flesh!”

Sorrow engulfs my world, as I know there is only one truth, a fate prophesized at birth. These horns, ears, and my despicable countenance; my divine curse brought forth by evil, but, I long for something more; something real. This is not who I am, not who I will be. I want to love, I want to hold you and consummate all of my dreams. Unfortunately, my mind is opened to my bleak reality; fear and decay creep into my thoughts. I am lost, my existence full of isolation, and I know I will never have you.

I return to your precious garden, today will be the day we finally meet. My arms will soothe your fears and our lives will become one. Again, I reach for you; your soft skin tempting the dark cravings I harbor in my bowels. Your body quivers, as my sharp fingers gently descend toward your depths. I can feel your pulse race as the blood begins to flow down your neck.

After what seems like all perpetuity, our eyes meet. The flames of desire, of passion, blaze fiercely inside your sanctuary. The sanguine pain grasps consumes every inch, ecstasy is near. We are one. Our bodies combined as we drink from the consecrated chalice; dine on the sacred elixir; our secret union at hand, transporting us to forbidden realms of pleasure and pain. You have saved me from perpetual damnation and emptiness. I love you.

Unfortunately, I cannot stay with you my dear, for no one will understand, or accept, our stained visage. But, I will return, and again our souls combine, and our hearts will be as one.

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