Monday, January 16, 2017

The Manhattan Project (1986)

There is really nothing better than drifting back to the 1980s. Times were so different then, and even the storylines that came about in movies were often more straightforward and unbelievable. My next review comes from that era as well, the 1986 drama/thriller The Manhattan Project.

Plot/ A teen and his girlfriend make an atomic bomb with plutonium stolen from a scientist dating his mother.

I remember watching this one in my teen years and found it extremely similar to War Games, with a different underlying premise, after watching again, those same feeling rose to the top. While I did enjoy the idea, I have to admit that it is hard to suspend my belief on this one. No, not with the ability to build the atomic bomb, or the fact that the government would try to build a research facility within a community without telling the citizens, my disbelief comes with everything else. The story is interesting (unbelievable, yet interesting), the performances were decent, and for the most part, it has held up to time. Unfortunately, it does not fit into any genre, as it is not serious enough to be a drama, there is no tension, and it is rather predictable (even though I have watched it before). In the end, this was an entertaining movie for a quiet afternoon with the daughters. Would I search it out again? No, but I am sure I could find something less entertaining to watch.

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