Invasion of the Saucer Men (1957)

This has been another long weekend between traveling to softball and taking Jill for her time in Virginia. Although I have been busy, I did find some time to relax and watch a few flicks as I countdown to the next episode of Twin Peaks: The Return. My latest entry was Invasion of the Saucer Men from 1957.

Plot/ A teenage couple accidentally awakens an alien after inadvertently hitting it with their car.

I decided to go back into the 1950s creature features with this one and I am glad I did. While this one is not the best of that era, it is an interesting entry that fits perfectly into the genre. If you love 1950s schlock cinema, this one is something that you should check out. Yes, the storyline is cliché and predictable, the special effects are laughable at best, and the combination of comedy, horror, and sci-fi do work well together within the landscape of the film. It is a fun flick to watch and a movie that does have some entertainment value. In the end, this movie should be seen once. While some viewers will hate it, if you love C-grade cinema and classic schlock, give it a shot.


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