Shakma (1990)

Although I planned to watch 7 Witches last night, the remote for the DVD player again seemed to disappear. So, instead, I decided to dive into Shudder for the 1990 creature feature Shakma.

Plot/ An experimental drug that is supposed to reduce aggression has the opposite effect on a baboon that is being experimented on by a group of medical students and their professor. While they are playing a fantasy role-playing game in their research facility, the baboon escapes and begins hunting them down.

Coming off the slasher craze of the 1980s, this creature feature takes on that genre in an amazing way. Yes, it is mindless and full of some awesome baboon induced blood and guts, but it is in no way anything more than a midnight low-budget schlockfest (although, the Dungeons and Dragons LARP is a nice twist). Even with the mild level of gore and a storyline that is rather predictable and cliché (other than the baboon madman), this movie is fun to watch and on par with some of the classic straight-to-video flicks of the era. Yes, the performances are uneven (Roddy McDowell is perfect though), the storyline is unbelievable, and overall the age of the film shines through in the technology, but that in no way makes this movie any less entertaining. In fact, after these decades, the movie is still just as cheesy and laughable as it was the first time I saw it. In the end, if you are searching for some campy fun, full of schlock and cheesiness than give this one a shot. Plus, it is on Shudder, so there is really nothing to lose if you have that service.


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