Red Planet Mars (1952)

After watching Slugs last night, I decided that I wanted to watch some type of classic sci-fi tale. After some searching, I settled on the 1952 entry Red Planet Mars.

Plot/ An American scientist is able to contact and communicate with Mars with shattering political, economic, and spiritual repercussions.

This one is an entertaining and interesting film that is definitely more of an intellectual drama than a pure sci-fi flick. Released during the early part of the Cold War, the sentiments of the day with the communist hysteria is evident throughout. Hell, this could have been one of the flicks that educated McCain and Feinstein on the Russian threat. The acting is solid, the cinematography excellent, and the storyline does have some twists that make it a fun watch. Yes, there are some strong religious overtones, there are no real action sequences or effects, and the flow is a touch choppy, but those are not deal breakers. In the end, this was a fun watch and a movie that does embrace the thoughts and attitudes of that era. Not for everyone, but a movie that should be seen.


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