Curtain Call and a Thank You!

As today winds down and I am finally able to sit back and digest the events of the past two days with the first annual Phoenix Arts Center 10 Minute Playfest. I am extremely humbled by the response and am still in a little shock after watching Not Always What It Seems win the First Watson Award. This is a tremendous honor and an award I will forever cherish. In looking at the history of the State Theatre, just to have my play come to life in the same footsteps as legends such as Johnny Cash was enough. 

Although my name will be on this award, I know that it would have never had a chance against the competition if it weren’t for the amazing performances from the cast. Anna, Carrie, Dolores, Michael, and especially Luke were brought everything to life in ways I could never have imagined. I wish you could have all received this award because you all deserve it more than anyone. 

When I walked into the State Theatre this morning, I wondered what the day would have in store. Last night, I was blown away by the intensity of all of the performances, and most of all, the depth of all of the scripts. As a writer, I love the emotional turns that words can create and the stories were all remarkable. To all of the writers, Mina, Tabbitha, Marci, Steven, Aimee, and Jessica, I grew so much from your words and stories and I want to thank you. 

Finally, I want to thank Carrie for seeing this playfest through to fruition, and Brenda for all of the incredible behind the scenes stuff that it takes to make this type of show happen. I for one hope that this is the first of what will become an amazing journey into the stage. 


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